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Sonoran Desert Tortoise Workshop

Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 10:00 AM
Luchia’s Restaurant, Hwy 93 Mile Marker 119, Wikieup, AZ

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About the District

The Big Sandy NRCD was established on June 27, 1945. Since its inception, the District's role has been to assist landowners, primarily farmer and ranchers, with natural resource conservation measures in partnership with various local, state, and federal agencies. With the past and current growth trend in the District and the development of urban communities, the NRCD is leading with a commitment to encourage conservation habits to all communities and all individuals.

Mohave County is primarily desert with 158 square miles of the county covered in water and over 1,000 miles of shoreline, primarily along the Colorado River. Mohave Valley and the neighboring communities of Laughlin, Nevada; Fort Mohave, Arizona; Bullhead City, Arizona; and Needles, California, make up what is referred to as the "Tri-State Area." A vast area in these communities (~14,000 acres) supports agricultural production, mainly cotton and hay, which is a major industry of Mohave County. The BLM administers the largest amount of land in the NRCD with 2,602,765 acres under its jurisdiction. There are 78 grazing allotments in the NRCD, operated by 59 permittees. All grazing practices in the NRCD seek to maintain the integrity of riparian areas in grazing lands, preserve threatened and endangered species, and limit soil erosion.

Conservation Practices

  • Flood & Erosion Control

  • Irrigation Practices

  • Prescribed Grazing Practices

  • Wildlife Habitat Management

  • Conservation Education

Primary Resource Concerns

  • Soil Erosion & Flooding

  • Water Quality & Quantity

  • Conservation Education

Big Sandy 5

Several wilderness areas, national parks, conservation areas, state parks, and regional parks make up the topography of the Big Sandy NRCD. For example, nearly 10% of the NRCD is comprised of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  The District's landscape provides for many opportunities for exploring the great outdoors in a variety of different environments from Lake Havasu to the Colorado River, to deserts to pine forests. The varied landscape of Big Sandy makes it a unique conservation area.

Lake Havasu AZ

Physical Features

  • Elevation:The Big Sandy NRCD ranges from 266 feet above sea level to 8,025 feet in the Hualapai Mountains.
  • Terrain: Numerous mountain ranges that rise abruptly from broad, plain-like valleys or basins. Dry terraces are interrupted by drainage ways and relatively low desert hills. The Colorado River provides for 1,000 miles of shoreline, and riparian areas such as Topock Marsh and various creeks and washes contribute to the diversity of the district, as well as lakes such as Lake Mohave and Lake Havasu.
  • Precipitation: Mohave County has an average annual precipitation of ~10 inches. Precipitation ranges from less than five inches per year along the Colorado River corridor to approximately 20 inches in the Hualapai Mountains.

Land Types

The District comprises 4,933, 931 acres. It is the 5th largest county in land area in the United States. Mohave County, is comprised of the three major cities of Kingman, Lake Havasu City, and Bullhead City, and encompasses a number of smaller communities including Golden Valley, Dolan Springs, Peach Springs, New Kingman-Butler, Chloride, Meadview, Topock, Wikieup and Yucca, and is adjacent to the Fort Mohave Indian Reservation. Land ownership breakdown is as follows (percentages are approximate):

  • BLM: 53%
  • State Trust: 10%
  • Private: 27%

District Highlights

Big Sandy NRCD is working with many partners, including the AZ Game & Fish, BLM, AZ State Land Department, NRCS, US Fish & Wildlife, Mohave County, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Mohave Farm & Livestock Bureau, Freeport McMoRan, AACD, NACD, and others to create a resource needs assessment (RNA) for the entire District. The District is also working with the BLM to complete a programmatic NEPA in order to immediately begin improvements as soon as the RNA is complete.

Big Sandy NRCD Education Center

The Big Sandy NRCD Education Center's mission "is to provide natural resources education to the community of the District with the goal to encourage people to engage in voluntary and responsible conservation and stewardship of all our natural resources." The Ed Center has three main goals:

  1. Participation and/or partnership with other resource education programs by enhancing and adding to existing programs from the District's perspective;
  2. Natural resource monitoring education for ranchers, farmers, and other interested parties; and
  3. Education pertaining to the Federal Endangered Species Act as well as migration necessary or desireable to the District.


As part of their efforts in educating the community, the District has participated for years in an annual, three-day AG EXPO held in the Mohave Valley, where urban adults and local youth are provided an opportunity to experience agriculture first-hand. Because of this experience, the District has no doubt that the public, especially the youth, desires and deserves more information about agriculture and how it relates to natural resources and conservation. To address this need, the District has developed a comprehensive site plan for a Community Conservation Centrum, which will be a public-use area with a permanent site providing year-round exhibits, structures, and a community educational and event area. This facility will allow the public and youth an opportunity to learn, at their convenience, about natural resources, the agricultural industry, and their agriculturally-based neighbors. No such facility currently exists, however, land clearing has begun on this project at this time.

Ag in the Classroom

The Ed Center is also partnering with the Arizona Farm Bureau to send volunteer instructors into classroom to educate children about agriculture.

Ag in the Classroom - Big Sandy NRCD

Big Sandy NRCD Board

  • Anita Waite, Chairman
  • Brenda Stockbridge, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Beatrice Zueger, Vice Chairman
  • Emmett Strugill, Supervisor
  • Myron Storing, Supervisor

District Contact Information

Anita Waite, Chairman

(928) 765-2397

P.O. Box 3506, Kingman, AZ 86402