Santa Cruz

About the District

The Santa Cruz NRCD is located in Santa Cruz County on the upper reaches of the Santa Cruz River. It includes mainly rangeland which is characterized by desert grassland, oak woodland, and some pine forests at higher elevation. Most of the land is used for ranching, wildlife recreation, and watershed protection. Limited areas of farmland also occur.

On-the-Ground Conservation Practices

  • Educational Workshops

  • Monitoring

  • Display/Demonstration Projects

  • Participation Local Area Impact Assessment

  • Bank Stabilization/Check Dams

Primary Resource Concerns

  • Grazing Management

  • Water Quality/Quantity

  • Natural Resource Conservation Education

  • Resource Planning

  • Erosion Control/ Flood Mitigation

District Highlights

Land ownership in the Santa Cruz NRCD is a mix of private, State, and federal lands. The District is committed to supporting policies and practices that are economically feasible, socially acceptable, and environmentally responsible. The NRCD is also dedicated to helping provide financial and technical assistance to cooperators through collaboration with other agencies and organizations.

The District has identified five key resource problem areas to be addressed: grazing management, water management, natural resource education, resource planning assistance, and erosion control/flood mitigation. These areas are addressed through a variety of programs in cooperation with other agencies or groups such as the University of Arizona Extension Service, NRCS, U.S. Forest Service, Arizona Game and Fish Dept., Dept. of Water Resources, Arizona State Land Dept., Santa Cruz County, and numerous landowners and cooperators.

Activities carried out involve range management workshops, range monitoring workshops, display and demonstration projects, drought preparedness through the Local Area Impact Assessment Group, involvement as a cooperating agency in the land use planning process for federal lands, and on the ground projects for bank stabilization, erosion control, and check dams.

District Contact Information

Sharon Fisher, Clerk
(928) 333-4941 ext. 3

P.O. Box 329, Spingerville, AZ 85938