Littlefield-Hurricane Valley NRCD

District Meeting Notice

Date, Time, Location:

3rd Thursday of every month

6:00 PM

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2187 South 2350 East, St. George, UT 84790.

About the District

The Littlefield-Hurricane Valley Natural Resource Conservation District (NRCD) was organized on November 28, 1949. The District's objective is to educate and assist cooperators and the public on resource conservation and land management best practices, and connecting them with federal, state, and local agencies to secure funding to assist with conservation practice implementation.

Ranching is the primary form of agriculture in the District. Since the area is prone to drought and variability of precipitation, the District’s greatest concern is providing reliable water sources, as well as improving plant condition and the control of noxious weeds.

District boundaries include the area south of the Utah-Arizona state line, west of the Hurricane Cliffs to the Colorado River, and east to the Arizona-Nevada border, all within Mohave County. The District is made up primarily of federally owned land, which allows for many opportunities for coordinated planning on a variety of issues with local land management agencies.

Physical Features

  • Elevation: 1,250 ft. at the Colorado River to 7,950 ft. at the top of the Virgin Mountain Range.
  • Terrain: Varies from very rugged mountains and drainages, to low valleys.
  • Precipitation: Average of 3-25” annually, varying with elevation

Land Ownership Types

Land ownership breakdown is as follows:

  • Federal: 1,870,599 acres
  • State Trust: 73,752 acres
  • Private: 51,351 acres

Conservation Practices

  • Grazing Management

  • Brush Management

  • Water Distribution

  • Fencing

Primary Resource Concerns

  • Inadequate Livestock Water

  • Soil Erosion

  • Plant Productivity

  • Water Quality

  • Noxious Weeds

District Highlights

The Littlefield-Hurricane Valley NRCD has focused on several resource concerns such as, water availability for livestock and wildlife, as well as soil erosion, noxious weed control, and brush management. The district provides producers access to an agra-axe that will help producers with controlling the spread of pinion and juniper trees and promotes conservation practices that address these resource concerns.

Another focus of the district is to provide educational opportunities to cooperators and others by sponsoring workshops and working with Universities through the Extension program from both Utah and Arizona. These workshops and educational opportunities have provided useful information to hundreds of producers and agency personnel.

Conservation Practice - Water Catchment, Photo Courtesy of LFHV NRCD
Conservation Practice - Water Catchment, Photo Courtesy of LFHV NRCD
Brush Treatment, Photo Courtesy of LFHV NRCD
Brush Treatment, Photo Courtesy of LFHV NRCD
Brush Treatment, Photo Courtesy of LFHV NRCD
Brush Treatment, Photo Courtesy of LFHV NRCD

Littlefield-Hurricane Valley Education Center

The Littlefield-Hurricane Valley Education Center collaborates with the Utah State University Extension, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, BLM, NRCS, USDA, Forest Service, Kane County, Washington and Fredonia Conservation Districts, local ranchers, and industry sponsors to provide science-based workshops to improve knowledge and understanding of conservation issues.  In April 2020, the Ed Center co-sponsored the 42nd Annual Arizona-Utah Range Livestock Workshop and Tour.  Normally this workshop is a three-day event with two days of workshops followed by a ranch tour on the third day.  Due to the pandemic, this workshop was held virtually, and the tour has been postponed.  Even though participants were unable to meet face-to-face, the Workshop was a huge success.  

The Ed Center also co-sponsors a "Reproduction Workshop" every year, and other workshops as needed.  We have exceptional attendance at these workshops.  The cutting-edge, controversial and current issues discussed provide improved knowledge and understanding, and strengthens relationships among all participants. 


Board Members

  • Ed Bundy, Chairman
  • Kolter Layton, Vice-Chairman
  • Barry Bundy, Secretary
  • Larry Iverson, Treasurer
  • William Bundy, Supervisor
  • Carolyn Iverson, Clerk

District Contact Information

Carolyn Iverson, Clerk

(435) 632-6543

2187 South 2350 East, St. George, UT 84790