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About the District

The Florence-Coolidge NRCD Board members are experienced local farmers and residents who take the mission of the District seriously and are dedicated to natural resource conservation and improving agriculture in the area. Because Board members are active in all phases of the conservation and agricultural arena in Pinal County, they are well informed on issues relating to agriculture and growth in the community, which helps guide the District's conservation efforts.

Most of the District's programs focus on irrigated agriculture. The District has partnered with the West Pinal and Eloy NRCDs to sponsor the Irrigation Management Service (IMS) program for the past 20 years. This is a free service to help District Cooperators maximize efficiency of their water usage by evaluating irrigation systems and making recommendations for improvements to make the systems more efficient. The program promotes water conservation and helps make irrigation more cost effective.

Through IMS, the District is involved in the Arizona Department of Water Resources Best Management Practices Program. The Florence-Coolidge District cooperated with West Pinal NRCD in the purchase and use of a topo mapping system using GPS technology to reduce time required for survey and irrigation design.

Conservation Practices

  • Improved Irrigation Management and Efficiencies

  • Soil Conservation

  • Protecting Groundwater Resources

  • Rural and Urban Conservation Education

Primary Resource Concerns

  • Water Availability, Quantity, & Quality

  • Soil Erosion

  • Wildfire

  • Best Management Practices

  • Educational Programs

Physical Features

Surrounding rangeland is desert shrub with low livestock carrying capacity except in wet winters when cool season annuals are abundant. Wildlife values are also limited by low rainfall.

Land Use

The Florence-Coolidge NRCD is in an area primarily devoted to irrigated farming. Their main crops are cotton, corn, alfalfa, sorghum, and grain.

District Highlights

Natural Resource Education Center

Florence-Coolidge NRCD partners with West Pinal NRCD, Eloy NRCD, and Irrigation Management Service (IMS) to support the Natural Resource Education Center (NREC) with its operation. The District and its Cooperators donate resources, equipment, and volunteer hours in many areas to help maintain program and farming equipment, as well as the 4 acres donated by the Central Arizona College – Signal Peak Campus for NREC programs.


Conservation Needs Assessment

The Three-NRCD partnership has also secured a grant to conduct a conservation needs assessment of our three districts, which is being organized by AACD.

Board Members

  • Scott Riggins, Chairman
  • Marcus Martin, Vice-Chairman
  • Bruce Bartlett, Secretary/Tresurer
  • Noah Hiscox, Supervisor

District Contact Information

Carolyn Harbinson, Clerk


(520) 483-6957 (c)

(520) 635-6424 (o) Tues & Weds only

520 N. Camino Mercado, Suite 12, Casa Grande, AZ 85122