Conservation Programs

The AACD supports Arizona’s Conservation Districts by managing and administering conservation and education programs funded through grants, cooperative agreements, and donations. These programs help the Districts fund and support the conservation practices needed to conserve Arizona’s unique landscape, sustain our wildlife habitats and watersheds, and support sustainable agricultural production.

Grassland Restoration Project

PC: CO Bar Ranch via Coconino NRCD

Ag Eco-Schools

PC: Foundation Hills Charter School

AACD received a two-year, $100,000 Environmental Education grant from the EPA. This grant money supports Arizona’s Conservation Districts and their Education Centers participating in this effort to share environmental education through the state. “Cultivating Our Future Agricultural Leaders and Model Stewards of the Land” is an educational project with our partners at the Arizona Association of Environmental Education, Arizona Wildlife Federation, and the National Wildlife Federation. Project supporters include the Arizona Department of Agriculture, Arizona Food Bank Network, General Motors, and Kroger.

Beginning Farmer and Rancher Project

PC: Redington NRCD

Cultural Resources


PC: Apache NRCD