Agua Fria-New River NRCD

About the District

The Agua Fria NRCD is located just north of Phoenix. The District lies in a rugged area with mainly desert shrub type vegetation. Land ownership is a mix of private, State, and federal lands. Much of the land is used mainly for livestock grazing, farming, wildlife and watershed protection. Agua Fria receives heavy recreational use because
of it proximity to Phoenix and a growing local population.

On-the-Ground Conservation Practices

  • Improved Irrigation Managementand Effciencies

  • Water Distribution

  • Arizona Envirothon

  • Rural & Urban Conservation Education

Primary Resource Concerns

  • Soil Erosion

  • Water Availability, Quantity, & Quality

  • Air Quality

  • Flooding Damage

  • Educational Programs

District Highlights

Resource concerns in this District are mainly related to PM10 Compliance, flooding damage to roads and homes in heavy rainfall events and the need to educate a growing population of mainly urban dwellers on agriculture and
environmental issues.


Examples of District projects include the "Make a Splash" water festival to educate rural youth on the water cycle, groundwater and water conservation methods. The District also constructed an "earthworm tunnel" to allow students to see the action of earthworms and their value for composting and recycling organic materials. A five year project in collaboration with some local farms is focused on research and education about composting for gardening and environmentally friendly farming.

The Agua Fria District has also been heavily involved in cooperative efforts to establish flood control structures and channel improvement on the Agua Fria and New Rivers and their tributaries to mitigate flood damage to homes and infrastructure.


District Contact Information

Sharon Fisher, Clerk
(928) 333-4941 ext. 3

P.O. Box 329, Spingerville, AZ 85938