Resource Needs Assemssments

Locally-Led Natural Resource Assessments

In 2019, AACD entered into a partnership agreement with the Natural Resource Conservation Service to complete Resource Needs Assessments (RNAs) for all state-operating Districts.

This comprehensive five-year program will provide a current science-based assessment, including maps, of all pertinent resource information for each District.

Districts will be able to use this information in Local Working Group meetings to develop long range plans and target funds for their most important resource needs.

What are RNAs?

Resource Needs Assessments are a comprehensive analysis of the work needed to be done to achieve natural resource conservation goals set by a Conservation District.

NRCDs work with partners and stakeholders to develop or update resource assessments that address local conservation priorities and the needs of their cooperators for conserving soil, water, and related resources within their District.

The assessment is based on input from cooperators, interested stakeholders, and partners using science-based information.

The purpose of an RNA is to ensure that conservation efforts address the most important local resource needs.